A Mission and a Dream

I am a man on a mission, and my Mission is to help millennial men to fast track their goals, ideas, and dreams into results and a better life!

A Brief History…

My name is Lee Camden and I’m a business executive, mentor, entrepreneur, and former soldier and I believe it is my mission to help millennial men fast track their goals, ideas, and dreams into results and a better life.  

I have had the gift in my life of passion and opportunity. This combination has allowed me to have a multitude of work experiences through the years. Throughout these experiences, one thing has remained constant and that was how fulfilled I felt by helping those around me.

I have been a soldier in the Army, where as an engineer I traveled the globe from Iraq and Somalia to Haiti and host of countries between. I have been a web developer, a technology consultant, a day trader, a house flipper, an app developer, and a retail business owner. I have also worked my way up the corporate ladder from help desk to IT Director in the transportation industry. 

All of these experiences allowed me the opportunity to learn and grow in unique ways. They also all taught me that no matter what you do there must be passion if you’re going to be both good and feel fulfilled with your work.

I have had several amazing mentors throughout my life, some were people I knew and others were people I followed from afar via books and videos. Both methods are valid forms of mentorship, and both helped me to improve myself and to fuel my passion for helping those around me. 

After decades of mentoring to individuals I decided to take my passion to an entirely new level and created Beyondyourpeers.com. It’s here that I’m taking everything I’ve learned from all the people I’ve worked both with and for and bringing that knowledge to You in ways you can actually use!

From the twice weekly podcasts to the group and one-on-one mentoring, there’s some level of support and mentorship available to you here. Don’t let fear or doubt keep you from being the best you possible. 


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