One of the most common questions I get asked in my mentorship program is “Lee, how do I find my vision or dream?” Having a dream seems like something that everyone should have either already found or easily be able to find. But in truth it’s often not that way at all. Movies, the media, and You Tube would have you believe that dreams are born in people when they are children or young adults. But clearly that’s not always the case or maybe, just maybe that’s not even mostly the case. If you have NO idea what your vision or dream is, I mean NO idea at all then hang with me, because I have five ways to help you find your vision and dream.
Let’s talk about five of the best ways I know to help you find your vision or dream that have worked for me and many others. These are seeking solitude, removing distractions, focused self-analysis, thinking big and well the last one is a secret I’ll reveal at the end.

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