Let’s spend the next few minutes talking about NEED. When I say need Im referring to the things beyond wants and desires, and definitely beyond the traditional food, clothing and shelter needs. I’m talking about the thing or things in your life that cause your internal drive and fire to BURN the hottest. The thing that you cant stop thinking about, the thing that others are tired of hearing you talk about, the thing that that has you awake hours after you’ve gone to bed. Now, are you picturing your NEED? If so GREAT! You’re exactly where you should be, but I’m betting that for most of you nothing came to mind. The vast majority of people I work with have desire, even strong desire, but only a few have turned that into a burning need that drives them to work harder, and work longer than the people around them. If you’re going to rapidly move beyond your peers, you have to feel that NEED. You have to fan that desire inside you into a roaring fire in order to make fast changes. A desire, even a strong desire combined with regular action will move you closer to your dreams over time. But for really fast change and life altering change, you MUST have the NEED.

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