A lot of the feedback I get from millennials revolves around the same topic. I often hear “I’m stuck in a rut”, or “I can’t seem to make progress”, or even “I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere.” These are all valid expressions of concern and perfectly understandable. I don’t think you can find a person in the world that hasn’t felt like this at one point or another. But I think millennials feel these feelings more keenly than Gen X or baby boomers. This is in part due to the average age of millennials, when you’re in your twenties it can seem like you’re not making progress but in fact you are. Those of us in our forties have had plenty of time to work on our goals, both short and long. And we’ve come to be able to see progress over the long haul. But when you’re 24 and you’re only two years into a 10 year goal, it can be very difficult to see that progress. Your start line is still so close and your finish line so far away. I can testify from experience that mile two of a toughmudder event feels like you’ve been going forever and that you’re not going to make the finish line at mile 10. Perspective is everything. When Im at mile 9, I can typically see the finish and I can see where the hard work has gotten me. Goals and dreams are like that too, when you have just started your journey you’re working so hard but can often not yet see the results. It’s at this point where people start to slow down, stumble and eventually stop all together. But your goals and dreams aren’t a foot race, they are endurance events! A toughmudder event is a great analogy for goals and dreams. In a toughmudder event, you’ll have to struggle for every step you make, and you’ll have to accept help at many of the obstacles. Dreams and goals are JUST like that! You’ll have to struggle and put in the hard work, and you’ll NEED to accept help from others to overcome the obstacles you face. In the last couple of miles of a toughmudder event, your body is cramping and your muscles are burning. I was able to finish my first toughmudder by chanting a mantra as I shuffled along those last miles. As each foot hit the ground I would repeat one word of the mantra. Keep. Moving. Forward. Left foot, KEEP, Right foot, MOVING, left foot, FORWARD! Step after step I repeated this, and step after step I moved closer to the finish and my goal. KEEP. MOVING. FORWARD. Keep moving forwards towards your goals and your dreams. Each step you take moves you forward. Every excited and energized leap you take, every hopeful skip, every dedicated stride, every knowing step, and every weary shuffle ALL KEEP MOVING YOU FORWARD. You are only stuck in a rut, not making progress, or not getting anywhere when you STOP! You know what you have to do, so go do it! KEEP. MOVING.FORWARD!

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