Guys I am challenging you this week to GET IT DONE! Whatever it is that you’ve been holding off on doing or procrastinating about, put all of that aside and just get it done. This weekend, I want you to focus like never before, I want you to stay up late, get up early and work your butts off all day long! This is the weekend you’re going to make huge progress on your dreams and goals. You KNOW what needs to be done, you just haven’t been doing it. Are you still struggling to define you goals? Maybe you’ve written them out but haven’t taken any action yet, or maybe you’ve defined them, and written out your next steps but are stalled out due to fear. WHATEVER stage you’re at, THIS is the weekend to move past it. Stop letting fear, indecisiveness, and LIFE get in the way of becoming a better you. This is the weekend that you reach deep inside and find that passion, find that FIRE, find the reason you’re tired of being average and you use it to get things done!

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