When people first realize that its possible to be living their dreams, they are often so overwhelmed by the idea that they are unable to make the first move towards a better life. It’s the same as if I woke you from a deep sleep and said, quick start running a 5k, go go go. You’d be stumbling around trying to get your bearings while feeling the pressure of me yelling go go go. You wouldn’t be focused on the race you’d just be focused on moving. Waking up to the reality that you CAN make your ideas, dreams, and goals happen is the same, you’re so focused on just moving that more times than not you’re just taking action to take action. I want you to be taking the right actions, and be taking them from the very start. So let’s focus in on the fundamentals of your first five steps. These are: Start Dreaming, Categorize Your Dreams, Create a Vision Board, Make a Plan for Each Vision, and Make a Commitment.

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