We all have a ton of things on our to-do plates, and the problem with having so much to do is determining what gets done first, or second, or third, or even what gets done at all! We all face this dilemma, and the way to resolve it is to learn to prioritize. When we learn to prioritize we eliminate the indecision, hesitation, and wasted time that everyone is guilty of when it comes to getting things done. When we learn to prioritize we’re able to focus our time and attention on the things that matter most when they matter the most. Take these next six steps on learning to prioritize and master them! You WILL get more done and by getting more of the things you need to get done, you’ll master a small but important part of life. The six steps to learning to prioritize are: Create a task list, determine each tasks value based on the Eisenhower Matrix, determine impact, determine amount of effort, sort your task list, and get busy!

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