Complacency, that insidious virus that can infect us all at one point or another, especially when things are going well in our lives. Most often complacency strikes when we’ve spent a long time working towards a goal and have finally achieved it. That moment in time afterward were you’re riding high on your success, that moment is complacencies favorite time to strike. Complacency can sneak in and subtly begin to suppress your desire and potential for your dreams. Complacency can also strike at us when we’ve been grinding away towards a goal for a long time with little movement or perceived movement. These are the times when you find yourself saying “things are ok here”, or “it’s not so bad”, and even “it could be worse”. If you’ve said these things or similar recently then I want you to WAKE UP!! (smack table) Life is about more than just going through the motions, life is about more than staying in that crappy relationship or that unfulfilling job. Shake off the shackles of complacency that bind you, stand up and take back your life and your destiny! None of us know how long we’ll be blessed to stay on this earth, that time you’re wasting is precious! I have four ways to take your time and passion BACK from complacency. Simply put, they are to Recognize, Get Scary, Share, and Change. Those simple words hold a whole lot of meaning.

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