There is one thing in life I can guarantee, and that is that everyone will have questions they want answered. You’re not unique in this, I’m not unique in this, we ALL have questions we want the answers to. Sometimes those questions are small, such as “how do they put the lead in a pencil” and other times the questions are life changing, more along the lines of “how do I get out of this rut?” No matter how big or small, the place you find those answers is the same. It’s the same for you, it’s the same for me, it’s the same for everyone, you find all the answers in books! Yes, books! It doesn’t matter if it’s a traditional hard bound book, a paperback book, or an E-book. For all of written history, mankind has been writing the answers to our questions in books, and right now I believe there are more books available to us than ever before. It’s literally never been easier to publish a book than it is right now. Many people I talk to are actually anti-book, they prefer to say anti-reading but that’s not accurate, they don’t have any problem reading Facebook posts, emails, or text messages. The vast majority of us are not asking new questions, we’re experiencing the same things as countless other people, and many of those people have found the answers already and were willing to share that answer in books. One of the things humanity is really good at is sharing knowledge with each other. Look at everything that is around you right now, everything was invented or created by someone, somewhere else in the world and the idea of how to make it again was shared so that YOU could have your very own copy of it. Your chair, your phone, your computer, your bed, your towel, your food, the walls of your house, everything! How to make ALL of these things is in books. And more than just how to make things are in books, how to overcome things, how to achieve things, how to do things, and the list goes on and on and on. Books are Where to find all the answers to your questions.

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