Today’s episode is all about luck, what it is, what research tells us about luck, some awesome examples, and finally, the real secret to having good luck! We hear stories everyday of how people made it big because they got lucky, or how someone lost everything due to bad luck. Stories like these can lead many people to believe that the most important thing is luck or that luck is somehow better than hard work and determination. In fact, this line of thinking taken to the extreme can lead people to the conclusion that all you need is luck. But there’s something much more important than just being lucky, and that is what you do with luck or how you respond to luck, both good and bad. Before I go any further, I want to recommend the book Great By Choice by Jim Collins. You can find a link to a great deal on Jims book on my resource page at Chapter seven of Great by Choice is titled Return On Luck, in this chapter Jim lays out a wealth of information in the form of research and evidence that will blow away your traditional thinking on luck.

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