EP: 23 Tools of Titans

Todays podcast episode is something different than what I normally do. This week I am doing a review of the book Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. This is far and above my most recommended MUST READ for 2017 and I cannot stress enough how much of a difference the information inside this book can make in everyone’s life. Tim has been able to interview hundreds of the worlds top performers in all areas of life, and he has taken the best parts of the best interviews and compiled them into his book Tools of Titans. In the book, Tim breaks these interviews into the three topic areas of Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. Along with dozens of profile chapters in each section there are also about a dozen non-profile chapters per section that are less interview and more what he’s learned. For my review I am going to discuss one profile per topic that I have found to be of incredible value in my life and I’ll discuss why I believe this to be the case. Keep in mind that I’m only discussing the parts I consider MOST valuable, almost every chapter has something in it that speaks to me, informs me, or motivates me!

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