EP: 30 Discipline Equals Freedom – Part 1

I was recently able to pick up Jocko Willink’s new book Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual and today is part one of a two part review of that book. I’m breaking the review into two parts because the book itself is broken into two parts and I feel that the parts are both very important and yet very different. Part one of Jocko’s book is titled Thoughts and contains 89 pages on which are written what I would call trueisms or statements about life and living that Jocko himself has made. I found these statements to be powerful, direct, and emotionally charged. Many of the statements Jocko makes left me saying to myself ‘but I’m not like you Jocko, most people aren’t like you” and that is incredibly true. But after finishing all 89 pages, what I realized was that Jocko Willink is not saying with these statements that they are true for everyone, he’s saying they are true for him and that they CAN be true for all of us as well. I’m going to read a selection of six excerpts from Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual, section Thoughts so that you have an understanding and a feel for what you can expect and get from this book.

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