Life is full of people that are willing and sometimes even take pleasure in putting others down. You can hear it all around you if you choose to listen to it. They say you can’t do it, you’re not good enough, you’ll fail, and on and on. I want you to know that I believe anyone motivated enough to listen to this podcast Can do it, is good enough, and WILL succeed. I know you ARE great, and you know it too! You can hear that inner voice cheering you on every time you write your dream or goal. Listen to it “You can do it, you are good enough, you will succeed. There are times everyone fails, but greatness is not quitting when it gets hard but striving through the fires of failure and marching through the ashes of defeat. For in those ashes lie the seeds to future success. Just like a forest that burns down in a wildfire, the ashes provide valuable nutrients to the next generation of trees and plants so to do the ashes of defeat provide valuable insight into the next task, goal, or project on your path to greatness and achieving your dream.

You ARE great, ignore the shouted words of scorn and focus on the whispers of success. I believe in You!

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